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Admission to Post Graduate Degree Courses 2019

Al-Karim University imparts training in MBBS Course as well as MD/MS Courses in different Specialties of medical Sciences. The admission in both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered to candidates who have qualified in NEET examination in order of merit. Candidate seeking admission has to appear in counselling conduct under the extant rules,regulations and Court orders by the State of Bihar or other through their appropriate authorities.


 Duration of Degree courses shall be of three years. However, in the case of students having recognized two years diploma course in the same subject,the period of training for MD/MS Course shall be two years.


 The List of Degree courses at Al-Karim University, Katihar is given below:-

Subject Name of Course/Degree Number of Seats Status Annual Fee (In Rupees)
General Medicine MD (General Medicine) 05 Recognized  18.90 Lakhs
Paediatrics MD (Paediatrics) 03 Recognized  30.30 Lakhs
Orthopaedics MS (Orthopaedics) 04 Recognized  22.70 Lakhs
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Recognized MD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) 05 Recognized  34.00 Lakhs
Anaesthesiology MD (Anaesthesiology) 04 Recognized  11.30 Lakhs
Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy MD (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy) 02 Recognized  26.50 Lakhs
Genereral Surgery MD (Genereral Surgery) 04 Recognized  18.90 Lakhs
Radio-diagnosis MD (Radio-diagnosis) 03 Recognized/permitted  34.00 Lakhs
Psychiatry MD (Psychiatry) 01 Recognized  11.30 Lakhs
E.N.T. MD (E.N.T.) 01 permitted  7.60 Lakhs
Ophthalmology MD (Ophthalmology) 02 permitted  11.30 Lakhs
Community Medicine MD (Community Medicine) 03 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs
Pharmacology MD (Pharmacology) 03 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs
Pathology MD (Pathology) 04 Recognized/permitted  5.00 Lakhs
Microbiology MD (Microbiology) 02 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs
Biochemistry MD (Biochemistry) 01 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs
Physiology MD (Physiology) 02 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs
Anatomy MD (Anatomy) 02 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs


ELIGIBILITY: The Candidate shall possess recognized MBBS degree or equivalent qualifications and should have obtained permanent registration with the Medical Council of India or any of the State Medical Councils or should obtain the same within one month from the date of his/her admission, failing which the admission of the candidate shall be cancelled. In the case of a foreign national, the Medical Council of India may, on payment of the prescribed fee for registration, grant temporary registration for the duration of the postgraduate training restricted to the prescribed college/institution to which he/she is admitted for the time being exclusively for postgraduate studies. Temporary registration to such foreign national shall be subject to the condition that such a person is duly registered as medical practitioner in his/her own country from which he/she has obtained his basic medical qualification and that his/her degree is recognized by the corresponding medical council or the concerned authority.


There is no age limit for admission in PG courses.