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Post Graduate (Departments)

Note:I The above fee structure is subject to condition that the order of the fee fixation committee is under adjudication before competent authority and if the quantum of fee is changed and enhanced by the competent authority, in that event the candidates shall make payment of the differential amount of the fee for the session 2019-20 and during three years of PG course.

II At the time of the admission while paying the college fee for 1st year through Bank Draft, the candidate shall also have to furnish Bank Guarantee / Board for payment of college fee for the remaining period of the course.

III Hostel: The rent for hostel accommodation is Rs. 3,00,000/- (Rupees Three lacs only) per annum and hostel accommodation is compulsory.

IV Security Deposit: All candidates are required to deposit Rs. 2,00,000/- as security deposit at time of admission. This amount is refundable and shall be refunded after deducting dues, if any, after passing out.


 The duration of Post Graduate Degree Course is 3 years.

 Each Degree cadidate has to submit a thesis before 6 months of final examination on the basis of a synopsis to be submitted within a stipulated period after admission and to be approved by the proper authority.

 Final examination for Degree Course will be conducted by the University at the end of 6th term, i.e., before complation of 3 years after admission.

 All the candidates joining the Post Graduate training programmeshall work as full time residents during the period of training and shall attend not less than 80% of the training imparted during academic term of 6 months including assignments, assessed full time responsibilities and participation in all facets of the educational process.

 A postgraduate student of a postgraduate degree course in board specialities would be required to present one poster presentation, to read one paper at a national/state conference and to present one research paper which should be published/accepted for publication/sent for publication during the period of his postgraduate studies so as to make him eligible to appear at the postgraduate degree examination.

 Maintenance of logbooks and participation in periodical assessment is compulsory.

 It is compulsory for all postgraduate students joining the course to stay inside the campus during the entire duration of course to fulfill the requirement of full time resident as prescribed by MCI. Certificate of juniour Residency will not be issued if the student is found not residing inside the campus.

 It is mandatory for all students to fulfill above mentooned coditions and conditions prescribed by MCI/Appropriate authority to be eligible to appear in University Examinations.

Subject Name of Course/Degree Number of Seats Status Annual Fee (In Rupees)
General Medicine MD (General Medicine) 05 Recognized  18.90 Lakhs
Paediatrics MD (Paediatrics) 03 Recognized  30.30 Lakhs
Orthopaedics MS (Orthopaedics) 04 Recognized  22.70 Lakhs
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Recognized MD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) 05 Recognized  34.00 Lakhs
Anaesthesiology MD (Anaesthesiology) 04 Recognized  11.30 Lakhs
Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy MD (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy) 02 Recognized  26.50 Lakhs
Genereral Surgery MD (Genereral Surgery) 04 Recognized  18.90 Lakhs
Radio-diagnosis MD (Radio-diagnosis) 03 Recognized/permitted  34.00 Lakhs
Psychiatry MD (Psychiatry) 01 Recognized  11.30 Lakhs
E.N.T. MD (E.N.T.) 01 permitted  7.60 Lakhs
Ophthalmology MD (Ophthalmology) 02 permitted  11.30 Lakhs
Community Medicine MD (Community Medicine) 03 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs
Pharmacology MD (Pharmacology) 03 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs
Pathology MD (Pathology) 04 Recognized/permitted  5.00 Lakhs
Microbiology MD (Microbiology) 02 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs
Biochemistry MD (Biochemistry) 01 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs
Physiology MD (Physiology) 02 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs
Anatomy MD (Anatomy) 02 Recognized  2.00 Lakhs